About Stone Crushing Industry

Stone Crushing Industry

NANOGUARD understands the important role lubricants play in cement and concrete operations. We have a wide range of high-performance greases and oils that will protect your equipment.

Using the correct lubricants means you will have better and longer protection of expensive equipment, improved performance of your equipment, less pollution, lower downtime, longer inter-service intervals and most importantly energy savings, which is observed almost immediately

Key Challenges

The STONE CRUSHING industry has some of the toughest operating conditions in the industrial marketplace, including:

•   heavy loads

•   shock loads

•   high speeds

•   high temperatures

•   critical equipment works 365 days / year, failure means                       expensive downtime

To run their operations, they use a wide range of equipment, including:

•   Jaw Crushers

•   Cone Crushers

•   Excavators

•   vertical mills

•   Loaders / Dumpers

•   Trucks / Trailers


The NANOGUARD solution is based on unique, globally patented, nano-molecules of IF-WS2 (Inorganic Fullerene Tungsten Disulphide). Our lubricants are high performing with anti-wear, anti-friction and extreme pressure properties to give you excellent friction reduction, equipment protection and energy savings. Suitable for all synthetic and semi-synthetic industrial lubricants


Following are some of the common lubricant pain points for STONE CRUSHING MILL operations, along with NANOGUARD solutions


STONE CRUSHING operations with a number of large Gears are notorious for very high energy consumption as gears work the heavy low rpm motors, leading to high electricity bills! NANOGUARD recommends gear concentrated products that can almost immediately reduce energy consumption generating real money savings on bills

Overheating – GEARBOXES

Overloaded gearboxes often overheat, resulting in expensive premature wear and failure of gears. Failure means downtime and expensive maintenance. Smart lubrication is the solution

NANOGUARD gear concentrated additives provide amazing protection and extreme protection (EP) under high temperatures. This simple solution slows down the wear and tear and reduces the friction significantly in the gearbox, dramatically reducing the operating temperature and extending the life of the gear oil as well as the gearbox

HIGH FUEL CONSUMPTION / LOW MILEAGE – Excavators / Dumpers / Trucks

Overloaded equipment especially running on diesel reciprocating engines such as Dumpers, Trucks, etc. is subject to high wear and tear, which leads to substantial frictional losses.

Useful power is lost in overcoming friction, which uses up more fuel resulting in low mileage

NANOGUARD 1100C engine oil additives for diesel engines work in a manner to treat the worn and torn metal surfaces on the crank and the pistons, reducing friction significantly. Results are discernible almost immediately. Further, higher mileage benefits are obtained over the medium- to long-terms. NANOGUARD 3100C for automotive gears and differentials will provide further performance improvement and fuel savings

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